Cycle Michael

In 2006, we launched Cycle Michael and our environmental awareness-raising campaign marked by its name with great hopes.


Do you know Cycle Michael and its sibling, Recycle Michael?

In the past many years, numerous events, school and family programs, as well as tenders have given children and families the opportunity to learn about environmental problems and environmentally conscious behavior.

We can confidently state that Cycle Michael, the electricity meter that grumbles when we are wasteful, has now become a prominent figure, a symbol of energy saving and environmental awareness among children and young people.


Components of the program


We often receive invitations to environmental or family days. In times like these, we welcome children and young people with interesting tasks (e.g. Recycle Michael giant puzzle) and prizes.


Our three storybooks help to understand our current environmental challenges. Together, we look for the answers to the questions through exciting adventures and journeys.

Storybook-launch contest

The one-hour performance made from the three storybooks and combined with a contest is a big favorite of primary school children. But every now and then, we can say something new to curious adults as well…


Regarding our website, we would like to have one request: there is a button on it that must not be clicked. Comply with this strictly!

Summary of the Cycle Michael program

Many years have passed since 2006… And a lot has happened during this time, indeed. Here are some milestones.